You Can’t See God Without a Little Planning

When Jesus was coming to town, Zacchaeus wanted nothing more than to see Him, but he was short and a large crowd had surrounded Jesus. Zacchaeus knew that Jesus would pass by soon, and he had to come up with a plan if there was any hope of seeing Jesus. So he made a plan. He planned to climb a tree so, even if the crowd was large, he would be able to see Jesus. And Jesus took notice. “Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” (Luke 19.5) His plan worked; he saw Jesus.

 There will always be obstacles in your life getting between you and Jesus. We call those obstacles temptation and sin, but with a plan, you can overcome them, climb above them, and join Jesus in Heaven. When Zacchaeus acted upon his plan to see Jesus, he received something more. Jesus came and stayed with him, and we call that communion. Only when you make a plan to climb above temptation and sin will you be able to commune with God.

 Today you have a chance to look ahead and make a plan to experience communion with God. Soon the Church will begin the season of Triodion and Great Lent, and unless you make a plan from now, you will find yourself too busy, with too many obstacles between you and God, to make the most of Great Lent. Consider this year your chance to climb the tree, and make the most of Great Lent so you can see God. Then when Pascha comes and God arrives, He will look at you and say, “I must stay in your heart today.” And you will welcome Him into your heart just as Zacchaeus welcomed Jesus into his home, but it will only happen with a little planning. So start planning.

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 3:31 PM
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