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A few days ago, the Church celebrated the Great Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus, the day that Christ returned to His Heavenly Throne forty days after His Glorious Resurrection. I was blessed last year to visit the spot believed to be where Christ ascended which made a profound impression on my faith. In fact, on every stop during my pilgrimage to the Holy Lands last year, I was constantly reminded in a tangible way that we are united to God physically, not just spiritually.

My experience last year, while profound, was not nearly as important as my baptism into the Church. Of course, I don’t remember that day as I was only six months old, so I appreciate the moments like my trip to the Holy Lands to be reminded of the unity with God that my baptism established.  Because I was united to Christ on that day many years ago, I am able to celebrate the Feast of Ascension as my ascension.

When Christ ascended to His Throne in Heaven, He brought with Him our humanity since He was human. Therefore, we humans are blessed with knowing a human being is sitting on the Throne, but it gets even better when we remember that we were united to Christ at our Baptism. We no longer have to see God as a distant God on some far-away throne, because we are united to Him, we are with Him on His Throne.

Since we celebrated Pascha I have been inviting us to “live as if Holy Communion was the single most important thing in our lives.” The Feast of Ascension last Thursday reminds us of just how important Holy Communion is. Without Holy Communion, Christ remains a distant God sitting on a far-away throne. With Holy Communion, we are with Him on His Throne.

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 6:00 AM
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