November 21, 2020 Reflections from Father Simoen

The Three Choices in Life:
Good, Evil, and God's Will

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

There are always three or more choices in life, but the Enemy who is the Father of all lies (John 8:44), does his utmost to only let you see the two choices. He shows us two options, two extremes: to do good entirely on our own or to give up and do his will. Christ God tells us clearly that without Him, we can do nothing [good] on our own (John 15:5). We live in and are born in a fallen (broken) world that is in desperate need of Christ's healing. The devil knows this and keeps this third option, to ask God for help a secret from us. He does not want us to ask for help This is the devil's big lie, that God is not there to help us. God wants to help us; He just needs any excuse to help.

The devil does not care if we intellectually believe in God, as long as in practice in how we live our lives it is as if God does not exist. As long as we depend on God for everything, the devil has no power over us. But the moment we depend on ourselves and not God, then the "law of the jungle" comes into play: the stronger, in this case the devil, rules over the weaker (which is us).

These are the three choices, to struggle to do good on our own and be spiritually defeated by the evil one, to live a life of sin by choice (or defeat) or to surrender to God and ask God for help and His Blessing. The first two choices ultimately fail-- in the first choice we put ourselves in God’s place, in the second choice the devil rules over us and in the Third Choice we beg God for help to heal us and sanctify us. Only God is willing to help us, the devil is against us and we cannot heal ourselves (if we could, God would not have needed to become a Human Being to save us).

In the third choice, the Sacramental path (i.e. frequent Holy Confession & Holy Communion, and living a life of prayer), we place ourselves under God’s protective care. In Saturday’s Gospel Reading, we see two of these choices. Christ is visiting His friends Lazarus, Martha and Mary. Martha is trying to do every good thing but on her own. Mary has gone and received the blessing of the Lord and all good things were added to her (Luke 10:42 & Matthew 6:33). The devil does not want us to be like Mary and to seek God’s help. He wants us to give up to him or for us, like Martha tried then, to do good on our own without seeking Christ’s help and blessing. If we start to pay attention to everything that is happening around us, we will start to see there is always a third choice in everything. The devil, who is the father of lies, lies to us constantly and only shows us the two extreme choices in life.

May Saints Lazarus, Martha and Mary always pray that we see the third choice, God’s will, in all things we choose to undertake!

In Christ,

Fr. Simeon

Posted by Fr Simeon Pardalis at 2:28 PM
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