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The Saints Among Us

“Many that are first will be last, and the last first.”  This is what The Lord said to His disciples, but what does it mean? Before we answer this question, we must first ask ourselves: “What does it mean to be a good Christian?”  The answer may not be as simple as just be a good person and follow the rules. 

We might think we have reserved a place in Heaven simply because we believe we haven’t done anything wrong.  Well, that’s not enough.  We actually have to go out of our way to do something right, and continue doing right throughout our lives.  Of course being a good Christian includes coming to church and volunteering to help the needy.  But we can’t come to church, then go home and gossip and judge how others were acting in church, or who came late, or who didn’t come at all.  And we can’t volunteer to help the homeless, and then criticize them for their misfortune, assuming they just don’t work hard enough.  Appearing to be a good Christian isn’t enough.  We actually need to be good, in our hearts.  We cannot judge people for not doing what we think they should be doing.  Do not look down upon those who seem to be lower that you, because one day they might be above you.  Only God has the power to judge.  Only God knows what is truly in our hearts.


This Sunday is the Sunday of All Saints, the day we celebrate every saint, from the most well-known to the unknown.  You may ask “How can someone be a saint if he is unknown?”  Many people, today and throughout history, have done amazing and miraculous things without any need or desire for recognition.  When Jesus said, “Many that are first will be last, and the last first,” these are the people He was talking about.  They will be first.  They are the people among us who are struggling silently, not trying to be the center of attention by advertising their problems.  They are the people who live their lives to the best of their abilities, giving all they have, heart and soul, to others.  A saint can be the man who works three jobs to feed his children, or the woman who survives an impossible home life and her only concern is how she can help others.  It is the humble family in poverty that gives all their extra time and money to helping people who are in more need than them.  We might not see these people in church every day, but they are out there doing God’s work.  They may seem to be “last” now, but they will rise above us because in God’s eyes, the only eyes that matter, they are saints.  We will never know their names, so today we celebrate them all. 


Happy Nameday to everyone! 

Posted by Fr Theofanis Katsiklis at 6:00 AM
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