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Open Your Eyes

It seems like every time we hear about Jesus healing someone in the Holy Scriptures there are two types of people watching the miracle. There are those who love God and see the miracle as a gift of His grace, and those who for some reason refuse to accept what their eyes see. In each of these stories, we are invited by the Church to make a choice. Will we open our eyes to see God’s love, or will we remain blind to His grace.

In today’s Gospel, as Jesus was walking, two blind men approached Him begging for mercy. Jesus asked, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9.28) Once they had confessed their belief, Jesus healed their blindness saying “According to your faith let it be done to you.” (Matthew 9.29) Since they were able to see again, we can be assured of their belief, but not everyone who was watching was convinced.

Even after Jesus healed a demon possessed man, the crowd still refused to believe they were seeing something good. Instead they accused Jesus of doing these miracles by working with the devil. Despite their lack of belief, Jesus continued going from town to town healing and teaching, leading people to the Kingdom of God.

Now it is our turn to choose belief or blindness. When we believe, it doesn’t require a miracle to see God’s grace and love. We need only to open our eyes and look at His creation, with all its beauty and intricacy, and we will know God’s love. If we choose to remain blind, even the miracles we see will not change our mind. The cool breeze on a hot day. The gentle rain in the hot desert. The bright colors of fresh-blooming flowers. Around every corner, and under each tree, God’s creation is revealing God’s love.

We can be assured of one thing in this morning’s Gospel. Whether we believe or not, God will not stop expressing His grace to His people. Just as Jesus picked up and went to the next town, if we choose to remain blind, He will move from our lives to those who believe. It isn’t that He doesn’t want to stay with us. It is only that He allows us to choose to open our eyes or to remain blind. Which will you choose?

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 06:00

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