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New Year Resolutions

This week is the week that everyone focuses on improving something about life in the New Year. As clocks strike midnight all across the globe, good intentioned men and women scurry to confirm New Year resolutions. Of course many if not most if not all New Year resolutions end up in the garbage pail by the end of the first week of the New Year, but that won’t stop millions across the globe for faithfully committing to improving their life next year. By no means am I against New Year resolutions. It is just that we waste so much time making resolutions about things that ultimately don’t matter. According to one website, here is the top 10 for 2020.
1) Exercise more
2) Lose weight
3) Get organized
4) Learn a new skill or hobby 
5) Live life to the fullest
6) Save more money / spend less money
7) Quit smoking
8) Spend more time with family and friends
9) Travel more
10) Read more
It isn’t that these issues are necessarily bad for us. In fact there is most definitely a spiritual side to every issue listed, but I’m not sure most people want to “get out of debt” for the sake of their soul. I could be wrong. I’ll be the first to admit people surprise me every day with better intentions that I would have presumed. That being said however, in the constant drive to build bigger economies and own more things, I suspect people are trying to get out of debt in order to “eventually” own more, or at least have more to spend later. How about considering this list?
1) Read the Bible more
2) Fast more
3) Pray more
4) Serve the poor more
5) Receive Holy Communion more
6) Go to Holy Confession more
7) Attend Divine Liturgy more
8) Attend other Church services more
9) Incorporate the Cathedral schedule into my family calendar
10) Consider the needs of the Cathedral when I plan my finances
May 2020 be blessed for you, your family and our Cathedral Community!
Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 12:57 PM
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