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Looking to the Future

It is hard to imagine that just one year ago we reopened the Cathedral for public worship after being closed for nearly three months. Everything seemed strange that day, while at the same time being familiar. We were back in the Church, but life had changed due the pandemic. Looking back on that day, I recall the emotions I felt turning around during Divine Liturgy and blessing ACTUAL people rather than a camera. It was a good feeling. Today one year later, things are slowly getting back to normal in the Church, and we are now able to look ahead once again to the future of our St Nicholas Cathedral Community.

Although we all strive to return to normal, I do not believe returning to normal the way it was before the pandemic is what we should want. Before the pandemic, for many people, normal meant a life of constant chaos filled with work stress, school stress, home stress, family stress, political name it, and we had stress about it. Unfortunately that also meant, for many people, staying away from Church. Yes, there was even Church stress.

It is true, life has stress, but we won’t find peace unless we come to God in His Church to commune with Him. Ever since the First Covenant, God has promised that He would be present in the Temple when His people needed Him, yet we stay home away from Him. He has promised that if we drink from His cup, rivers of water will gush forth from our hearts, yet we remain home away from the Chalice. The Church is again fully open, yet many remain away for a variety of reasons. 

The time has come to put our personal reasons aside for remaining home, and come to Church prepared to receive Holy Communion every Sunday. The time has come to allow the Holy Spirit to bring us peace when we receive Holy Communion. The future of our St Nicholas Cathedral Community is bright, when it includes each of us living in the Light of Christ in His Church. There may be a lot of stress in our daily lives, but only when we come to Church and drink from the Cup of Salvation will we ever find peace.

Join me today in making a commitment to a new normal and a new future, in your life and in the life of our St Nicholas Cathedral Community. Join me today in making Holy Communion the single most important thing in our lives and the life of our Community. The old normal was filled with chaos and stress. Join me in making the normal filled with Christ.

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 8:12 AM
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