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Family Ministry Director's Weekly Message - October 30th

Greetings in Christ,


This Past Saturday and Sunday our Dance Ministry hosted their Embroidery Workshop. They had a wonderful time in fellowship, learning new skills, and dancing!


Also last weekend our Goyans participated in the St. Stefanos Volleyball Tournament, from Friday night they enjoyed fellowship, food, and icebreakers. On Saturday the Volleyball games commenced through the day, ending with a dinner dance and Polynesian fire dancing show. On Sunday we worshiped together, enjoyed brunch, the awards ceremony, and finally departed for home. One thing that I would like to highlight is the success of the mixed teams. Fr. Sampson and his Goya advisors worked toward the success of the event, not only in its program but in providing the opportunity for the youth of our local Church Communities to interact with each other in a manner that expands their sense of community outside of their home Church community. In the same fashion that our Dodgeball Tournament had no parish teams, but randomized teams, the Volleyball tournament reinforced the same value. By due measure I would consider this format a success.


This Saturday our YAL will come together for their monthly Vespers and Dinner.


Coming this Sunday we have the rescheduled Philoptochos Hunger Fight, we hope you will join us!


On Wednesday November Second we have our third Parish MInistry Night!


My Challenge for us this week is to consider scheduling the sacrament of confession with your Spiritual Father. Consider the upcoming Nativity fast. When we enter it we will be preparing ourselves for the birth of our Lord. How might it benefit us to enter into the Nativity season with purposeful orientation toward our coming closer to God in his Holy act of coming closer to us through his Human birth.

Posted by Vikentios Livanos at 06:00

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