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Family Ministry Director's Weekly Message - August 28

Greetings in Christ,


It is with great joy that I am able to boast on behalf of the hard work and dedication shown in the work of our St. Nicholas PreSchool program. Recently we have achieved a one hundred percent readiness score in our School, meaning that one hundred percent of the graduating class was deemed ready to enter Kindergarten! It is clear through these results and seeing the wonderful work that is being accomplished, we have a solid foundation and program. The question in our minds now should turn to what's next? How can we accomplish even greater feats! I have no doubt in our potential. Glory to God, for what's been done, and may God continue to grant us strength to continue His work!



Last Monday, the Levendia Dance Ministry Kicked off with an Agiasmo Blessing the Spanos Pappas Community Center! This coming Monday, The ministry begins its classes for all of its age groups! We can expect a full year of traditional Greek dance practice, WorkShops, and dance exhibits both local: Greek Folk Dance Kalanda, St Nicholas NYE Dance, Apokriatiko Glendi, Greek Parade Dance. And traveling: such as HDF. 

We hope you will join us this year as we express our appreciation for our heritage through our dancing!


I have another task that I am inviting the whole Community to participate in- in appreciation of our Spiritual health as Orthodox Christians. Recently I've been completing my Prayer corner in my apartment, so that I have a space to be attentive in prayer at home. In doing so I’ve found a sense of katharsis as I cleaned my Icons coming out of storage, placing them on the wall, and taking the time to pray in the midst of God, and the Saints. I welcome all of you to take some time this week to attend to your home altars, clean and dust your icons in appreciation of the tools and gifts for our salvation that they are!

Posted by Vikentios Livanos at 20:45

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