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Family Ministry Director's Weekly Message - August 21

Greetings in Christ,


In my last week of scheduled meetings I’ve come across another wonder of dedication, involvement and care for Christ’s ministry in this beautiful Church. What may seem unspectacular, I find great appreciation for. That in our world of uncounted responsibilities-of love and labor which are shouldered with care from week to week while the espoused activities of our lives vie for our undivided attention. There are those who are willing to go above and beyond the normative bar, without praise or glory, for the sake of their active love for God in his Church.

May the God of our Salvation grant those who labor in Love for His sake, through the nurturing of our souls and bodies toward the Christian life, strength, wisdom, and fortitude to continue His work. May God enlighten us also, so that we might hear His call, and rise to the occasion.


I would like you to draw your attention now to an aspect of the Liturgical life in our Church. How many of us are aware that each day of the week is dedicated in Orthodox Christianity as one of the many tools that help us pray in glorification of our God? There are in fact three liturgical cycles that we participate in. These cycles are Yearly, Weekly, and Daily. The daily cycle is as such; Monday is dedicated to the Angels of God. Tuesday is dedicated to St. John the Forerunner. Wednesday is Dedicated to the Holy Cross. Thursday is dedicated to St. Nicholas along with the Holy Apostles. Friday is dedicated to the crucifixion of Christ. Saturday is dedicated to the Theotokos, All Saints, and our departed. Sunday is the small Pascha, dedicated to His Resurrection.   

 Starting with this Thursday marks the beginning of a beautiful practice in our local Church. In place of daily vespers, the Supplicatory Canon (Paraklesis) of St. Nicholas will be Chanted. Let us join together as a Community under the watchful eyes of our Creator, to ask for help from our great Intercessor.


I have an activity for us all to take home this week in the spirit of personal spiritual growth and development. I would like for us to take this opportunity to reflect on the aforementioned Liturgical themes during the cycle of the coming week. Starting today with our small Pascha, reflect on Christ's Resurrection. On Monday, reflect upon the Angelic Hosts, so on and so forth throughout the week. We can reflect on these themes by adding a prayer to our morning and evening prayers, our prayers at mealtimes, or taking some time for reflection in thought. This “challenge” is for all ages, excluding none.


Posted by Vikentios Livanos at 06:00

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