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Escape is not the solution

Escape is not the solution

The Samaritan woman in Sunday’s gospel, at first, was trying to escape from the difficulties in her life. But this time, when Jesus approached her, the Samaritan woman did not feel shame or try to hide the truth of her sins.  Instead, when Jesus revealed to her the details of her life, she was so excited to find out to who she was talking to. But why was she so excited? Because she was thirsty for the truth and for salvation. This is why Jesus started to talk to the woman about Living water, which is not like regular water which makes you thirsty again.  And the woman said to him, “Give me this water so that I may never be thirsty or have to keep coming here to draw water.”  She had a thirst for eternal water.  

This is the water we all need in our lives, the water that will keep us from always being thirsty for something different or better.  Throughout her life, the Samaritan woman was never happy, so much so that she was married five times and now lived with another. She would go to Jacob’s well during the hottest part of the day just to avoid people seeing her and talking about her.  When she saw Jesus there, she needed to first admit to herself that there was a problem and then realize what the problem was.  Only then, could Jesus offer her a solution.  

This is our problem as well.  We need to admit our problems.  We should not feel embarrassed with our faults or mistakes.  Admit them.  Say them out loud.  Don’t hide or try to escape from your problems.  They won’t go away like that.  When we come to church, we come with our water jug ready to fill it with the water we thirst for.  But if we don’t admit to ourselves what it is we really are in need of, our water jug can only be filled with regular water.  We drink it and feel good for a few moments, but then we thirst again. Coming to church, just sitting in the pews, and perhaps even playing with our cell phones, is not enough to truly quench our thirst.  Come and participate! Let us open our hearts and minds to God.  Admit our problems and ask for help and healing.  Come to confession, admit and ask for forgiveness for our sins.  Only then will Jesus be able to offer us His eternal water so we may never thirst again.

Christ is Risen 


Posted by Fr Theofanis Katsiklis at 6:00 AM
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