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Be Devoted to Good Works

Be Devoted To Good Works

In today’s Epistle Reading, Apostle Paul is emphasizing the importance of doing good deeds and helping others to do good deeds.  We might think that doing good deeds will bring us closer to God, but Paul tells us something different.  He is helping guide those who already have faith in the Lord, so that they will be devoted to doing good works.   But what does this really mean? We all already know that we should be doing good deeds throughout our lives.  What is so different and important about what Paul is saying here?

What you believe affects how you behave.  How you behave does not affect what you believe.  Believe in God first.  Have faith and trust in the Lord.  Then devote yourself to doing good.  Good works are essential.  But more than that, as Paul states, they are also excellent and profitable to everyone.  Being good and doing good deeds makes us better people, makes us feel good about ourselves, makes us feel like better Christians and closer to God.  But Paul reminds us of something much more important, that our good works benefit everyone else.  We must be devoted to good works.  We must always be doing them and always looking for new ways to do good.

Apostle Paul continues by saying that we must also do everything in our power to help others do good.  We must seek out every opportunity to help others in any way that we can.  And we must “do our best” to help those who are spreading the Word of God and make sure that “they lack nothing.”  Because spreading His Word is the most important good work that can be done.

There is one more important part to Paul’s letter that we must never forget.  He writes: “Avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels over the law, for they are unprofitable and futile.” We must avoid the negative, incorrect, and hateful thinking that exists in the world.  Be devoted to God.  Be devoted to good.  Grace be with you all.  Amen

Posted by Fr Theofanis Katsiklis at 06:00

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