An Important Message from the Parish Council President

Dear Parishioners, 

As we approach the most important and joyous celebration of our Lord's resurrection, we must also endure our greatest challenge since World War II. 


As our parents and grandparents survived and kept our Holy Orthodox Church viable, we must also do the same. Our enemy is an invisible one, thus making our fight a difficult one. 


We must be prepared to sacrifice. This Pascha will be one we have never experienced before. We must do things that seem to contradict our traditions. Yes, we must do this! We must protect everyone from illness. We can accomplish this by obeying our Hierarchs. 


Our Ecumenical Patriarch, our Archbishop, and our local Metropolitan have all sent a decree to our priests that no one should be put in harm’s way. This means all services will be done by Father Haros with NO parishioners present. This includes both parishioners in the Cathedral and congregating outside of the Cathedral. This will be strictly enforced by local authorities. Do not be selfish, do this for your fellow parishioners. We must put the health and will-being of others before our own desires. If we prevent one person from becoming ill, we have served God's will. 


Once this situation is over, we will all receive the Holy Light together. Remember, our traditions are important, but the focus should remain on our Lord's resurrection. 


To reiterate, please stay home and attend services virtually. I thank you all for your support during this most difficult time. 


Χριστός Aνέστη and Kalo Pascha! 

On behalf of the entire Parish Council, 

Nikitas Manias 

Archon Depoutatos 

Parish Council President

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