A Simple Multiple Choice Life

You are sitting by the side of the road selling fresh-caught shrimp when suddenly Jesus Christ comes walking by, surrounded by a crowd of followers. Do you…

  1. Keep selling your shrimp as if nothing special is happening?

  2. Stop selling your shrimp and sit perfectly still so you don’t disturb Him?

  3. Try to sell shrimp to the crowd?

  4. Drop your shrimp, cry out “Lord, Have mercy?” and then follow Him wherever He goes?

Sometimes life is just a simple multiple choice question.

We may not be selling shrimp on the side of the road, but Jesus Christ IS approaching. With Christmas just around the corner, we will be continuously reminded by radio, television, the internet and our friends that Christmas needs our attention. Will we…

  1. Keep shopping at all hours spending more money than we can afford?

  2. Stop shopping and spend a quiet evening at home alone watching television?

  3. Try to get our friends to go out shopping with us?

  4. Forget about all the shopping, come to Church and rededicate our lives to follow Christ?

Sometimes life is just a simple multiple choice question.

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 10:15 PM
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