A Line in the Sand

It is an old expression, “To draw a line in the sand,” which means to set a limit across which you refuse to cross or which you refuse to allow others (or even dare others) to cross. And it is something most of us do every day…normally regretting the outcome. When we draw a line in the sand we tell those around us that we are not willing to listen or negotiate our position. It is a statement of barriers rather than bridges, and it tends to limit progress rather than extend it, which is why most of us regret drawing them to begin with.

But there can be a good line to draw when it comes to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact the line has been drawn for us by Jesus Christ and His Church. “And besides all this, between you and us there is great gulf fixed, so that those who want to pass from here to you cannot, nor can those from there pass to us.” (Luke 16.26) This is the line between heaven and hell; a line between loving God and hating Him.

About this gulf, Saint Gregory of Nyssa says, “This, in my opinion, is the gulf, which is not an earthly abyss, that the judgment between the two opposite choices of life creates. Once one has chosen the pleasure of this life and has not remedied this bad choice by a change of heart, he produces for himself a place of empty hereafter. He digs this unavoidable necessity for himself like some deep and trackless pit.” He has “drawn a line in the sand” across which he cannot pass, even he wanted to, after death.

My brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ has drawn a line in the sand and He expects us to choose sides…NOW before we die. Do you choose the pleasure of this life and an eternity of torment, or a life of service to others and the comfort of heaven? You must choose and you must choose soon before it’s too late.

Posted by Fr Athanasios Haros at 10:23 PM
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