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2nd Sunday after Pascha

This Sunday we are celebrating the Second Sunday after Pascha.  We remember and celebrate the brave myrrh-bearing women.  The myrrh-bearing women we know of were the most Holy Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joanna the wife of Chouza the Commissioner of King Herod, Mary the wife of Cleopas, Salome the mother of the Apostles James and John, Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus, and Susanna. 

These were very brave women.  They were with Jesus throughout His life.  They were by His side during His crucifixion.  And despite the dangers from the Jewish rulers, they came to Jesus’ tomb bearing the myrrh-oils to anoint His body.  Because the Lord passed on Holy Friday, they could not prepare the body because work was not allowed on the Sabbath. So on Sunday morning, they went to care for the body of Christ resting in the tomb. The women found the tomb open and empty.  An angel told them not to worry because Jesus Christ has been resurrected.  Because of their love and devotion to Jesus, they were blessed with being the first to be told of His resurrection.  They were also the first to see the risen Lord and had the honor to take the message to His disciples.

The myrrh-bearers were there to serve the Lord during his life and after his death. They proved to be the kind of women that all people should be, fulfilling their duty to God even when it was difficult, carrying their cross through life with bravery.  Orthodox women have proven to be like this over the centuries, keeping the faith, praying for their husbands who went to war, and raising their children to love God.  They made sure their children know the importance of salvation, that they say their daily prayers, that they are happy and healthy, and that they live a good Christian life.  

Let us pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to give us all the faith, love, and loyalty of the myrrh-bearing women, so we can all enjoy a life through Jesus Christ.


Posted by Fr Theofanis Katsiklis at 6:00 AM
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