St Nicholas Scholarships Available Now



FALL SEMESTER, 2022 – deadline Monday, 8/22/2022


Important information for all scholarship applicants!

The following scholarships are available for St. Nicholas stewards for the Fall Semester, 2022:


·        Sophia G. Colovos Educational Scholarship Fund

o   For all College undergraduate and post graduate studies


·        Drosso & Eirini Monokandilos Scholarship

o   For College Freshman applicantsFall Semester only


·        Michael & Helen H. Billiris Scholarship

o   For College Freshman applicantsFall Semester only


For all Fall Semester, 2022 scholarships, please fill out the Sophia G. Colovos Scholarship Application and if you are a College Freshman, please attach a separate paper with your application indicating your consent to include your application for review by the St. Nicholas Scholarship Committee for the Monokandilos and Billiris Scholarships.


Applicants MUST provide all documents requested by the deadline for your application to be reviewed by the St. Nicholas Scholarship Committee.


Requirements of applicant St. Nicholas stewardship and GPA are the same for all applications.

Thank you,
Denise Letourneau
Admin, St Nicholas Cathedral
17 E Tarpon Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Posted by Denise Letourneau at 12:46 PM

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