Sunday Church School

The mission statement of our Sunday School includes our desire to teach our students the philosophy of our Orthodox Church through the teachings of the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition from the Fathers of our Faith.  Students learn to keep Christ as the center of their lives.  Our teachers help them learn prayers, including our Nicene Creed and the Lord’s Prayer.  We strive to teach prayers that will glorify God and help the students live their lives serving God as well as our Holy Orthodox Church.

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Lessons, using the Archdiocese Scope and Sequence Curriculum, are written for each grade.  Lessons follow the prescribed curriculum for each age level.  The outline of the Scope and Sequence includes God’s love and care for all people, introduction to the Sacraments, the Divine Liturgy, teachings of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ,  the Old Testament, the early years of the Church from Pentecost to the early Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Students also learn lessons on Confession and participation in Confession with our priests.

Our Sunday School celebrates each of our Feast Days through lessons with the students. We host our annual Godparent Sunday, making of the Lazarakia on Saturday of Lazarus, a Holy Friday Retreat,  SJCOF participation, the Name Day of our Patron Saint –St. Nicholas on December 6,  a Christmas Pageant,  as well as, participating in Theophany.  Students also participate in Vacation Church School during late summer. 

A notebook has been developed for teachers, that contains the Epistle and Gospel for each Sunday. If a major Feast Day or event occurs during the month, then pertinent information is provided for each teacher and grade level.  Information for each grade is also included to help the teachers facilitate their lesson.  When a teacher creates a lesson, she/he follows a prescribed format, in order to be sure all aspects of the lesson are provide. These lessons are eventually placed on the “Lessons for Orthodox Teachers” and linked to the St. Nicholas Cathedral website.

Our ultimate goal as a Sunday Church School is to truly guide our students to recognize the beauty of our Orthodox Faith in all modalities in order to help them learn at their own pace, using hands on lessons.